It is a new idea of ROY STUDY CENTRE to award the achievers on the Institute’s foundation day 10th July from the Academic Session 2018-19 on wards.

Avhilipsha Dash 82.4% in 10+2 level(2019)

Anupam Guria 84.8% in 10+2 level(2019)

Ashmita Roy 89% in 10+2 level(2017)

80% in

Sukanya Paul 85% in 10+2 level(2016)

62% in

Rohan Dey 83.2% in 10+2 level (2015)

Anurag Guria 84% in 10+2 level (2015)

Adrita Bhadra 89.25% in 10+2 level (2015)

66% in

Chaita Mukherjee 84.4% in 10+2 level (2018)

To bean Achiever

To be an achiever ROY STUDY CENTRE has certain criterias. The students have to do a continuous effort to be an achiever. The criterias are:-

10 + 2 level

  • To secure at least 80% marks in Board examination.

Degree level

  • For B.Com (Hons and General) the students have to secure at least 75% of marks in University Examination.
  • For B.B.A the students have to secure at least 80% marks in aggregate.

Post Graduate

  • M.COM the students have to secure at least 70% marks in aggregate.
  • M.B.A the students have to secure at least 80% marks in aggregate.

Inter Coaching level

The prizes are awarded to the students whose aggregate total % will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest of Institution’s 3 term end examinations. This section is applicable for class – XI and inter Semester examination of B.COM, M.COM, B.B.A and M.B.A.

Subject wise prize

Special prizes will be awarded to the students who secured the specified marks in the respective subject.

For 10 +2 level

  1. Accountancy – 95 and above
  2. Economics – 90 and above
  3. B.S.T / commerce (ISC) – 90 and above
  4. Costing and Taxation – 95 and above
  5. Computer Application – 90 and above
  6. Entrepreneurship – 90 and above
  7. B.S.T (ISC) – 90 and above
  8. Mathematics – 95 and above
  9. Commercial Law & Preliminaries of Auditing- 90 and above

For B.Com & M.Com

80 and above marks in any Core subject (M.C.Q based and Project papers are out of criteria)

For B.B.A and M.B.A

80 and above marks in any core subject like Management, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance (includes Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, Management Accounting and Financial Management).